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Good Deeds never go wasted, isn’t it? Helping someone in need is always considered noble. And, what better way than referring Tycoons to your friends & family who is in search of their dream home. We have exceeded your expectations by offering some of the finest apartments that guarantee a comfortable and luxurious life. We promise to extend the same services to your referrals and ensure that we will never let you down!

We value our customers as well as their loyalty towards us! Wondering how? Here’s our famous Referral Reward Program for you.

Referral Scheme

Column 1 Booking Open Referrer Cumulative Amount Existing customer Referrer Cumulative Amount
Level 1 1 17500 35000
Level 2 2 70000 105000
Level 3 3 157500 210000
Level 4 4 280000 350000
Level 5 5 437500 525000

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